Which Orlando Informer Meetup personality are you?

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With 25+ attractions, unlimited food and non-alcoholic beverages, special entertainment, and two nearly-empty parks to enjoy, we all come to the Orlando Informer Meetup on a mission. What’s yours?

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The Thrill-Seeker 🎢

Can’t get from Revenge of the Mummy to Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit fast enough.

Revenge of the Mummy entrance with 10-minute wait time displayed

Universal Orlando is known for its thrills, and the Orlando Informer Meetup packs as many as possible into one weekend. The Thrill-Seeker is all about maximizing their CPH – coasters per hour, that is. With big, bold roller coasters like Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit, plus the adrenaline rush of other attractions like Jurassic Park River Adventure, it’s easy for Thrill-Seekers to get their fix at the OI Meetup. And with little to no wait times, they might find it hard not to ride Revenge of the Mummy for the fifth time in a row.

The Second-Shifter 🌝

Spent the first half of the day napping in their Universal hotel bed for maximum energy.

Family lounges on hotel beds while laughing

Did someone say “room service”? The Second-Shifter not only enjoys taking advantage of the discounted Universal hotel rates for Orlando Informer Meetup guests, but they also love taking advantage of every moment spent in their comfy hotel bed. With up to 30% discounts on hotels like Universal’s Cabana Bay Beach Resort and Hard Rock Hotel®, now is the Second-Shifter’s time to bask in lounge-mode before spending their evening adventuring through the Universal parks during the OI Meetup.

The Food Maniac 🍕

Decides what ride they’re heading towards depending on what snacks and sweets are available along the way.

Cinnabon cinnamon rolls and Cinnastix

If the first question you ask when being invited to a social event is “will there be food?” you might be a Food Maniac. We don’t blame you – some of life’s greatest pleasures come in gastronomical form, and that’s especially true at an Orlando Informer Meetup. When else do you get to eat unlimited snacks, meals, desserts, and non-alcoholic beverages at Universal? From burgers and chicken wings to ice cream and churros, Food Maniacs use their OI Meetup map to plot their plan of attack and budget their stomach space wisely.

The Social Butterfly 🦋

Reuniting with friends from the Orlando Informer Community is the priority above all else.

Three women waving and smiling

For the Social Butterfly, half the fun is catching up with friends made in our Orlando Informer Facebook Community or at a past OI Meetup. What could be better than being surrounded by friends who are just as obsessed with Universal as you? Shorter wait times mean more opportunity to ride attractions with all of your favorite people – and there’s plenty of food to gather around while you catch up with one another.

The Navigator 🧭

Has been to plenty of Orlando Informer Meetups and has made it their duty to guide newcomers.

Group walks through The Lost Continent at Universal's Islands of Adventure

If you know the Universal parks like the back of your hand from many past OI Meetups, this might be you. The Navigator says “no, thanks” to maps and leads their pack from attraction, to dining, to special experience with ease. If you’ve got a certain set of must-do activities and attractions for the night, the Navigator will get you there with efficiency and plenty of time to spare for even more memories.

The Wanderer 🌎

Simply enjoys walking around the almost-empty parks and enjoying the views.

Couple walks down an empty Hollywood Boulevard in Universal Studios Florida

Experiencing the Universal parks with little to no crowds is just as amazing as it sounds, and the Wanderer comes to the Orlando Informer Meetup to enjoy every glorious second. With tons of detailed theming and engaging aesthetics to admire throughout both Universal Studios Florida and Universal’s Islands of Adventure, the Wanderer loves to leisurely stroll between attractions and enjoy their low-pressure trip to the parks.

The Surprise Scout 👀

Can’t wait to check out every themed area, rare character, and special opportunity around.

Guests happily entering speakeasy facade

No two OI Meetups are the same – and that excitement is exactly what entices the Surprise Scout to join for the fun. From our very own speakeasy situated in Universal Studios Florida’s New York backlot to a Voodoo Lounge welcoming souls for fortune-telling, face-painting, and general spooky vibes, we don’t compromise when it comes to next-level entertainment to make your Orlando Informer Meetup extra memorable. The Surprise Scout is always ready for a photo op or dance party with a “rare” character and hops on the opportunity for any exclusive experiences.

No matter which personality you are, you’re bound to have an awesome time at the OI Meetup.

Orlando Informer Meetup tickets are limited. Learn more and secure yours today.

Questions? Email meetup@orlandoinformer.com or call/text us at (855) 245-4636.

Orlando Informer Meetup tickets are limited.

Learn more and secure yours today.

Questions? Email meetup@orlandoinformer.com or call/text us at (855) 245-4636.

Face coverings and temperature checks will be required for all guests. For important safety information at Universal Orlando Resort, please click here.

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